Laura M. LaVoie

Laura M. LaVoie

Tiny house experience:
website: Life in 120 Square Feet

My name is Laura M. LaVoie and my partner Matt and I have been involved with the Tiny House Conference since the very beginning.

We built our tiny house in the mountains near Asheville NC starting in 2009 and have lived there since 2012. I am a freelance writer and my tiny home gives me an opportunity to be entirely location independent.  I share my story on my own blog Life in 120 Square Feet. I am also active in a local organization, Asheville Small Home Advocacy Committee, dedicated to making tiny homes more legally viable within the city limits.

Matt and I have been together since 1995 and the tiny house is just one more crazy adventure in a long list of crazy adventures. We share our tiny home with our 15 year old sphinx cat, Piglet, who is a cancer survivor.  When not talking about tiny homes I am also into geek culture, craft beer, and glamping. I am excited to welcome the Tiny House Conference to my hometown this year!

Laura M. LaVoie

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