Carpooling – Portland, OR – 2017


For those who are coming to the Tiny House Conference and would like to carpool with others, find a ride, or be more eco-friendly, please use the comment section of this post to connect with others. Feel free to post if you’re willing to drive other attendees or if you are looking to find a ride. Please only post if you are registered for the conference.

A few notes:

  • Tiny House Conference provides this place to connect, but makes no guarantees
  • Riders and drives assume all risk and financial liability
  • Please be smart, please be safe


Comment below to connect with others

2017 Conference

  1. Anyone carpooling from Lancashire England? Would love to attend. Will have to be content with the website for now ?

  2. I can pick you up, Shaun. In my dreams 🙂 🙂 :)! Your far off friend, Sabine, Sunshine Coast, BC Canada

  3. Anyone else planning on attending from Vancouver Island?

    • I am driving from the Vancouver, BC area, so we could likely work something out. I’ll be staying at one hostel the first night, switching to other the second (going to Tool School).

      What do you think? Sorry, I haven’t been on here since I registered.

  4. There is a 50:50 chance I’m without a car. Please contact me if you want to rideshare (my car or yours?) from the north coast. I start near Vancouver, BC.

    Also, I’ll be staying at hostels – trying different ones (as part of my work), so would also like to consider rideshare to/from conference site beginning Thursday night.

  5. muziyyn

  6. I live in Tualatin (just South of Portland) and would be happy to pick up a couple of people if anyone needs a ride.

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