What Community Events Mean To Tiny House People

By Ryan Mitchell on May 15, 2013 in Charlotte 2014

sicilyhouseThe power of people connecting with other people who share the same ideals as you is really an amazing thing.  Over the years I have attended dozens of conferences, but none have compared to the events I go to with Tiny House people.  There is something special about the type of people that are drawn to this movement and I count myself lucky to be a part of it.

Whether it is a tiny house workshop, a talk , or our very own tiny house conference, the experience is pretty amazing!  You are connecting with so many like minded people, that are passionate about tiny houses at the end you leave energized and ready to take on your next project.

People are drawn to other tiny house people because they believe in tiny houses and have plans to build their own.  Often in conversations you have to explain what a tiny house is and why you what to live in one, but I have to keep on reminding myself that at these events, people are already on board and you can spend time sharing ideas instead of explaining.

Events such as these are really quite empowering because you can talk with others that have been there, hear how they overcame roadblocks that you are facing, and gain confidence to make that first swing of the hammer in building your tiny home.

So we invite you to Charlotte NC for the first ever tiny house conference.  Be inspired!

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Ryan Mitchell lives in Charlotte, NC, where he has been leading the Tiny House movement for years now. In 2009 he decided to become a part of it by launching this website TheTinyLife.com. He is currently building his tiny house on 25 acres. He focuses on alternative housing options and sustainable local agriculture as key components to meet future needs. His expertise include tiny house construction, building systems, codes and zoning.

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  1. Amanda Hartelust July 4, 2013 Reply

    I am really thrilled about this upcoming conference in April next year. I have been passionate about tiny houses since 07 and my biggest obstacle had been getting my husband on board with the idea of living small and with less “stuff”. I am curious how I can help\volunteer at the conference? Also, I live in Puerto Rico and would like to help inspire the movement here. Thank you!

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