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By Ryan Mitchell on November 12, 2013 in Charlotte 2014

Hari and Karl BerzinsWe have finally rounded out our speaker list for the 2014 conference and we did so with Hari and Karl.   They are better know as “The Tiny House Family” that were featured on Anderson Cooper’s show.  Hari and Karl along with their two kids live in a tiny house they built themselves for $12,000.

Karl designed and built the family’s tiny house and outbuildings using salvaged, found, donated, and craiglisted items. Karl has consulted with several folks helping them dream up and design their perfect space. He is currently building his family’s mortgage-free bigger house utilizing the advanced framing technique for stick-built homes, allowing for more insulation and fewer materials.  He has developed innovative building techniques that allow him to work inexpensively and almost single-handedly.

Come join us in Charlotte to see Karl and Hari’s talk on their experiences.  See you in Charlotte!

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Ryan Mitchell lives in Charlotte, NC, where he has been leading the Tiny House movement for years now. In 2009 he decided to become a part of it by launching this website TheTinyLife.com. He is currently building his tiny house on 25 acres. He focuses on alternative housing options and sustainable local agriculture as key components to meet future needs. His expertise include tiny house construction, building systems, codes and zoning.


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