General Refund Policy

By purchasing tickets you are agreeing to the following.  All registrations are done electronically, you will receive a confirmation page acknowledging you are registered.  There are no physical or tangible tickets, we will maintain a list of registrations and check you in at the event.  Once you purchase your tickets, we will email you a few weeks prior to the event will all the details.  Much of which you can find here

Questions can be directed to us at

Conference Ticket Refund Policy – If for some reason you need to cancel your tickets we have a pro-rated ticket refund policy. Cancellations 120 or more days before the conference – 75% refund; 90 days before – 50% refund; 60 days or less there are no refunds.  Please note if there are any payment processing fees (paypal) involved we are unable to refund those.  Refunds must be done this way because of us needing to reserve and pay for the space, items and materials ahead of time to make this event possible.

Sponsor’s Refund Policy – No refunds are available once a company logo has been active on our website.  Please contact us beforehand if you have any questions.